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Imagine driving home from work feeling hungry and having more work to complete. Practically there is no time for you to prepare your own meal. With the convenience of Shogun2U pre booked meals, you can indulge in delectable chef-prepared meals at home with affordable prices.  It is the best of both worlds – tasty dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and enjoyed at affordable prices.

Shogun2U is an online food platform for ordering affordable chef-prepared meals from top chefs delivered directly to your doorstep with a click of a button. The company was founded by Dato’ Sri Michael Chong. It combines Shogun Saisaki’s head chefs and culinary talent with high quality-ingredients and menus.

The company is providing meal-on-wheels services which are convenient and practical for busy corporate people. Shogun2U is re-defining the food industry by reducing the costs of preparing meals and bringing healthy cooked dishes to your home.

Shogun2U gives you plenty of delicious and affordable options to choose from which can delivered to your home or office. You can be free of the daily hassle of deciding on what to eat and where to go to. Customers can schedule and book meals in advance from the many menus available. The dishes include a fusion mix of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisines, with a selection of desserts and beverages. A new addition is the Nyutori, a wholesome and nutritious option for all. Combo meals are also available for larger groups. The popular dishes are Japanese Style Nasi Lemak, Korean Spicy Chicken and Double-boiled Ginseng Chicken Soup. Japanese Style Nasi Lemak is steamed Japanese rice served with spicy anchovy and onion sambaltori karaage (deep fried boneless chicken) and tako karaage (deep fried octopus) and garnished with a hardboiled egg, Japanese cucumber and takuan (Japanese pickles) on the side. And that will cost RM18.90. The Korean Spicy Chicken at RM16.90, is served with Japanese steamed rice, pickles and side salad in Korean sesame dressing, chicken slices stir fired in gochujang (Spicy Red Pepper Paste) and fresh vegetables. Another dish is the Chinese Double-boiled Ginseng Soup that is available at only RM 24.90.

Promotions are available everyday so customers can get to enjoy the attractive discounts upon ordering. The price ranges from RM1.80 to RM99.80 for combo meals.

For more information on Shogun2U, please visit their website or log on to Shogun2U Facebook page to view the current updates and promotions.

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