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Like any state of Malaysia, Ipoh is just one of the many places where varieties of exquisite dishes can be found – from humble street foods to quality restaurants like the popular chicken rice; here are three of their simple yet scrumptious dishes that they’re pleased to offer.

  1. Nasi Pandan

(Kam Wan Restaurant, 16, Pesara Ipoh, Taman Canning)

This particular hawker stall holds quite a queue for those who long for a bite of their Nasi Pandan and is always sold out by evening. With a heavenly scent from the green-coloured rice that has been doused in coconut milk and shredded pandan leaves, it’s topped with various ‘lauks’ (slang word for side dishes) of your choosing. A personal suggestion is to try it with their fried chicken; a local favourite and just as flavourful.

2. Kaya Puffs

(Sin Eng Heong, 64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakry, Taman Jubilee)

Now this is a dessert that melts in the mouth! The popular Kaya Puff is especially flaky and warm with a generous amount of smooth kaya filling. A delectable treat that is the perfect balance between savoury from the puff and sweet from the filling – it’s definitely a must, especially coming from locals whose own eyes glaze at the mere idea of it.

3. Funny Mountain Tau Foo Fah

(50, Jalan Mustapa Al-bakri, Taman Jubilee)

It is sworn by the locals and tourists that the Tau Foo Fah in Ipoh is basically an ambrosia especially in the Malaysian weather and a sworn delicacy if you’re ever visiting the state. The soy beancurd from both drinks and dessert – is said to be so silky smooth and surprisingly flavourful that to just have one is simply preposterous. Uncle – give me three big bowls!

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