(Cover)Swirled Choco Berry Pavlova with California Raisins By Bowie Cheong
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California Raisins rolled out its “Sweet Naturally” campaign late last year with the aim of bringing people together for sweet and happy moments.

As Malaysians need comfort and joy more than ever during these challenging times, the campaign did exactly that – presenting an array of comfort dishes made with sweet and nutritious California Raisins – bringing visual and gastronomical satisfaction to all.

The natural sun-dried fruit is sweet naturally with no added sugar, offering natural sweetness to create an array of flavourful and healthy dishes including appetisers, sauces, soups, main dishes to desserts etc.  The raisin is packed with health attributes such as no fat, no cholesterol, low in sodium and is full of concentrated nutrients.

California Raisin Apple Fritter Pie by Mawardi Yunus







California Raisins invited 11 key Malaysian lifestyle and food content creators to create their desired festive year-end recipes using the sweet tiny gems. The recipes were compiled into an album and posted on California Raisins ASEAN Facebook page where the public had the opportunity to vote for their favourite festive recipe over two weeks.

The result was a colourful repertoire of heathy festive dishes created by the content creators – ranging from appetizers, baked items, hot dishes to desserts – demonstrating the versatility of California Raisins.

Processed with VSCO with preset Incredible Fluffy California Raisin Scone by Lea Azleeya








The California Raisins dishes created by the 11 content creators were:

  • California Raisins and Walnut Cake by Fish Sze Hui
  • Swirled Choco Berry Pavlova with California Raisins by Bowie Cheong
  • California Raisin Marble Cake by Rafzan Tomomi
  • Apple California Raisin Coleslaw by Siti Aminah Idrus
  • California Raisin Cinnamon Ginger Pancakes by Elana Khong
  • Very Vegan California Raisin Spring Roll with Dipping Sauce by Rane Chin
  • Merrylicious California Raisin Smoothie Bowl by Ivy Kam
  • California Raisin Apple Fritter Pie by Mawardi Yunus
  • Incredible Fluffy California Raisin Scone by Lea Azleeya
  • California Raisin Tang Yuen by Kelly Chin
  • Chicken Pocket with California Raisin Marinade by Kifli Mally

After the public voting ended, the top three winning content creators declared were:

  • Kifli Mally with 1st Prize of RM1,200
  • Mawardi Yunus with 2nd Prize of RM800
  • Ivy Kam with 3rd Prize of RM600

California Raisins Country Rep Eddie Saw & Ivy Kam at the prize giving ceremony















Five public members who voted for their favourite California Raisin dishes also walked away with RM100 each.

California Raisins are the best raisins in the world due to their superior quality, high safety standards, health benefits & nutrients, making them a great and delicious snack for the young and old. They are also some of the most economical dried fruits available, and come in convenient packages/boxes, which fit easily into a handbag or lunch box – ready for one to snack and eat anytime, anywhere.

Being a highly versatile ingredient in the kitchen which can be used in cooked food, baked products and beverages, the naturally sweet, dried fruit lends flexibility to busy homemakers & professionals who hanker after a fast & easy way to create their own meals. California Raisins also lengthen the shelf-life and retain moisture in baked goods.

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