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To Infinity and Beyond with The World’s First Luxury Hotel in Space

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in space might soon have that dream realised in some form with the world’s first luxury space hotel.

Slated to begin construction in Earth’s low orbit sometime in 2025 with hopes of it being fully operational by 2027, California-based start-up Orbital Assembly Corporation announced their plans for the interstellar project labelled Voyager Station, which will accommodate for restaurants, a cinema, spa and rooms to house 400 people.

(Photo Courtesy: Orbital Assembly Corporation)

According to information found on the OAC website about the project, the station will be

designed with the intention to accommodate both national space agencies conducting low gravity research and space tourists who long to experience life on a large space station with the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a nice hotel.

“Our planned orbit and elevation for Voyager Station is 97 degrees and 500-550 km,” said OAC in a Twitter post last month. “This is a sun-synchronous polar orbit that will reduce thermal stress and allow for almost continuous solar power generation. There, orbit degradation and space debris risk will be nominal.”

(Photo Courtesy: Orbital Assembly Corporation)

“Voyager Station is designed to have 44 such fully autonomous Earth Return Vehicles with automated flight controls for autonomous landing, making it possible to evacuate 440 people back to Earth, which is the maximum population we’re looking at for Voyager Station,” they add in a separate Twitter post.

(Photo Courtesy: Orbital Assembly Corporation)

It may still be too early to pack your bags, and take the first rocket off of the planet, this project just proves how far we’ve come in the search of galaxies far, far away that we can now bask leisurely glory in it; Either that, or we’re one space station closer to becoming like those humans in Wall-E.

Until then, interested travellers can sign up for their Crew Membership, which grants backers a say in the station’s design, assembly and investments.

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