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Johnnie Walker Launches World’s First ‘Blue Table’ Experience At Taian Table In Shanghai: Savouring The Depth Of Blue

Johnnie Walker kicked off the new year in style this month with the launch of the world’s first Johnnie Walker ‘Blue Table’ at Shanghai’s Taian Table, a restaurant recently honoured with three Michelin stars.

The world’s first Johnnie Walker Blue Table opens at Taian Table in Shanghai

‘Blue Table’ is an exclusive new concept curated by Johnnie Walker to provide discerning whisky connoisseurs and celebrities with the ultimate sensory experience of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label brand. Taking place over three nights, the event in Shanghai saw VIP guests seated at exquisitely prepared blue tables where taste buds were treated to a riveting symphony of rarified aromas and complex flavours, revealing layer by layer the hidden depths of Johnny Walker Blue Label.

Taian Table chef-owner Stefan Stiller personally created and prepared the menu for the Johnnie Walker Blue Table

The Johnnie Walker Blue Table is a sensory performance like no other, presenting soon-gone-forever flavours from the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost & Rare Series, an exquisitely designed dining table, and unparalleled dishes carefully prepared by chef-owner Stefan Stiller. With his artistic interpretations of ‘Depth from Time,’ ‘Depth from Flavours,’ and ‘Depth from Rarity’, the world’s first Johnnie Walker Blue Table in Shanghai proved a massive hit. Looking forward to the grand opening of ‘Blue Table’ in the next city.

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