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Get Acquainted with ASEAN’s Most Underrated Destinations

The ASEAN region is a deeply historical enclave that remains largely unknown on the world stage. Visitors from all corners of the globe have passed through over the centuries, each leaving their own indelible mark on the cultural landscape. The region’s traditional ways and old-world charms make it a worthwhile vacation spot for those looking for something off the beaten path. In this article, ASEAN Food & Travel media shines a light on some of the most underrated destinations in Southeast Asia.


Steeped in nature and bathed in history, Laos is an easy-going oasis of tranquility in a world that seems to operate at an ever more frenetic pace. More of a suggestion than of the essence, time seems content to amble along in Laos. With its breathtaking scenery and rich cultural melange of historical French colonial and gentle Buddhist influence, Laos is one destination that warrants a place on any shortlist. With its ornate temples, a charming capital in Vientiane, and its abundance of lands just waiting to be explored, Laos is undoubtedly one of Southeast Asia’s most underrated tourism jewels.


Wat Si Saket


Pha That Luang



Brunei is among the least visited countries in the world. This is more a reflection of its anonymity than any kind of indicator as to the quality of stay you can expect here. Those looking for a departure from the mass tourism experiences of Thailand and Vietnam will no doubt appreciate the unsullied tranquillity you can find in the tiny Sultanate. Approximately 80% of Brunei is comprised of virgin rainforest, having remained deforestation-free and virtually untouched for thousands of years. In contrast to the Sultan’s notoriously opulent lifestyle, the country remains quite affordable to visit with many of its attractions and museums being free of charge.


Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque


Tasek Merimbun



Myanmar is perhaps not best known for its tourism but with the country slowly opening up more and more to foreign visitors, that could be about to change. Home to thousands of Buddhist temples and some absolutely gorgeous white sand beaches, it would be wise to plan a visit soon before the word gets out and tourists begin to flock in their droves. Full of culture, tradition, and rich local cuisine, Myanmar is a destination that promises a lifetime of memories for those curious enough to uncover its charms.

Golden Rock


Ngapali Beach

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