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Irama Dining: A Classical Malay Dining Experience

History of Irama Group of Restaurants

2015 – Lagenda House & Café (Campbell Street, Penang)

2019 – Irama Dining (Light Street, Penang)

2022 – Sutera Restaurant (Armenian Street, Penang)


The Founders

Mr Shad Kamarulzaman and Ms Bella are passionate epicureans with a shared love for gastronomy and hospitality with an aim to raise industry norms by changing how Malaysians perceive Malay cuisine.

Their interpretation of Malaysian ingredients and the Nusantara flavours births restaurants with beautifully presented food and big flavours.

During the pandemic, the restaurant industry seemed to be the toughest sector to succeed in. The founders are known for changing the way we perceive Malay cuisine, but their consistent experience in food services also holds a massive significance in elevating the level of their restaurants.

Shad and Bella have forged ahead with their next project– awaiting the birth of The Tamarra, Malay Fine Dining.


About Irama Group of Restaurants

Penang’s iconic and legendary Irama Group takes inspiration from delicacies synonymous with the founders’ Malay roots and love for flavoursome cuisine.

Their discerning palate played a part in creating the fresh menu gleaned from years of cooking traditions and practices in Malaysia’s F&B industry.

About Lagenda Café

Lagenda House & Café started as a restaurant and boutique hotel on Campbell Street, Penang.

The restaurant took its inspiration from the legendary Penangite Seniman Agung P.Ramlee.

Most of the dishes served in Lagenda are named after P. Ramlee’s movies like

Nasi Goreng Bujang Lapok, Pak Belalang Chicken Rendang and many others.

Mainstays of the menu include the best seller dishes like ‘Gado-Gado” a local warm salad topped with peanut sauce, Lagenda Café Chicken Satay, Baked Chicken Roulade (said to be the best) and the Asian Prawn Aglio.

With the tagline of “Our foods stir memories, Our café touches your heart,” they work hard to honour their word to their beloved customers.

The restaurant is now at Carnarvon Street in a bigger and better location to cater to more seats for dining.

About Irama Dining

Inspired by the success of their first restaurant Café Lagenda, they ventured to establish the semi-fine dining restaurant The Irama Dining in 2019.

They wanted to create an experience of authentic Malay food with the vibes and ambience of a fine dining restaurant.

Their brand of food comprises an extraordinary traditional Malay cuisine meeting a fascinating fusion style.

Irama Dining’s extensive menu includes the signature Smoked Duck/Beef Masamman Curry, Lamb Shank Kurma, Ayam Kerutup, and a recreation of their nostalgic favourite childhood dessert, Bubur Sum Sum.

Irama Dining is now a landmark attraction in George Town with a capacity of 70 pax indoor.

The restaurant’s highlight is the Rooftop al fresco dining that seats 50 pax.

Irama Dining’s iconic identity is in the mural said to reflect the lady of the house, Bella. It’s a piece of art expertly crafted by artist Mandy Maung.

Many of their patrons have expressed their love for their dining experience.

Despite Movement Control Order (MCO) challenges and shorter operating hours, Irama Dining has shone through and moved graciously till the present day.

About Sutera Restaurant

Their patrons will no doubt enjoy discovering the beautiful mural artworks in their restaurants with a bold, larger than life peacock painting welcoming you in.

As Muslim owners and fans of Chinese food, they seek to add variety to the community’s palate.

Sutera’s “Oriental flavours and colours” present Asian and Chinese dishes on the menu with Dim Sum, Halal Char Siew, Char Koay Teow, and Jiu Hu Char (Stir-Fried Yam Bean) some of the examples.

They strive to oblige traditional customs while preserving the taste and authenticity of the cuisine at the same time.

Their main goal is to be the go-to Chinese Halal food joint.

From their first small venture in Lagenda Café, it’s fair to say they’ve grown, with a third restaurant having just opened.

However, what hasn’t changed is its mission & vision; to serve good, authentic classical dining that melds elegance with comfort and delicious flavours.

Ultimately, a great meal at a restaurant isn’t just about the food and the ambience, it’s an opportunity to make emotional connections. They find it an honour to make their way onto the timeline of their customer’s social media highlights, they see it as a great help for their restaurant to become better known and more successful.

They continue to receive generous social media attention and enjoy a growing social media following.



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