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PC Studio Café: Championing A Plant-Based Diet

Operating since 2018, PC Studio Café aims to provide quality food paired with excellent service. Starting off with a side section of plant-based options, their cafe has evolved throughout the years to incorporate what is now a heavily plant-based featured menu.

PC Studio’s origins lie within their parent company’s expertise in gadget cooking (combining practical recipes with the usage of everyday home kitchen appliances), they combine culinary workshops with their café to create a seamless transition from classroom to lifestyle café.

Over the years, they have transformed their workshops from just conventional gadget cooking workshops to include even more variety, including anhydrous cuisine and more recently, plant-based cuisine. The interest in plant-based cuisine started when their founder was exposed to plant-based cuisine in 2019 and has since invested in his team to now include 7 certified and qualified plant-based chefs and instructors.

PC Studio is also home to a range of services which includes catering, buffet services, team building workshops and corporate event giftings. Expanding on their plant-based offerings, since COVID-19, their menu now houses several name brands in the industry such as Harvest Gourmet, PHUTURE Food, and OMNI-Meat.

Going back to their workshop and culinary classes, they have a separate studio for classes. The studio is equipped with a huge range of home cooking appliances such as microwave ovens, bread makers, juicers, food processors and the lot! These appliances all contribute to the culinary experiences that they provide to their customers. Over the pandemic period, they have also curated a mini convenience store stocked with plant-based snacks, drinks, and frozen offerings. The space, aptly named “Lively Hub”, aims to expose even more alternatives to its patrons.

Looking forward to the future, they are excited at the prospect of even more plant-based offerings within the café and being able to educate their customers on the benefits of a plant-based diet and being an option for customers who have diverse diets and preferences.

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