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Citarasa Dadi Dada Café: A Family’s Legacy

Citarasa Dadi Dada Café was brought into being by the grandchildren of the late Sharifah Seiha bt Syed Ali (Dadi) and late Haji Ibrahim Khan bin Haji Siraj Khan (Dada). In a nod to their Indian-Pakistani family heritage, the café derives its name from the word ‘Dadi’, meaning grandmother and the word ‘Dada’ which means grandfather.

Starting in the 1940s, Dadi and Dada had been serving the best food to the following generation and then the one after that. Their family recipes are 100% original and authentically Penang. Dadi was the best cook in their family, she used to do catering and Dada used to run a small shop that sold food and drinks in Weld Quay, Penang.

Being the latest generation in the family, the founders of Citarasa Dadi Dada Café feel a personal responsibility to develop and rebrand their family recipes and bring their style of 100% original Penang cuisine to the masses. They want their customers to enjoy the taste of home-cooked food, the kind you’d find back in the days long since passed.

The recipes they bring to their café are the same time-honoured creations their Dadi and Dada used to serve them when they were younger. Traditional halal Penang Malay cuisine simply does not get purer than this and they strive to make sure their customers get the chance to savour all the wonderful flavours and aromas they were so fortunate to grow up with.

After two years of operation, the founders discovered their most popular dish was fish curry. This inspired them to develop and launch their very own product, the “Pes Kari Kari Ikan (instant)”. This product was launched with the intention of providing customers with the means to cook a fragrant fish curry within the comfort of their own homes, and that in under 10 minutes too. Since its launch, the “Pes Kari Kari Ikan (instant)” has enjoyed rave reviews and can count many satisfied customers.

Citarasa Dadi Dada Café is grateful for the support they continue to receive and are motivated to always give their best and keep alive the beautiful culinary traditions that saw their beginnings two generations ago. They believe in cooking good food with a real love that feels pure and authentic. Ask the founders are fond of saying: “Nampak biasa-biasa rasa dia luar biasa.”

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