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DRSA Holdings: Paving the Way for Entrepreneurs

If I can be a success, then why shouldn’t I help people be like me?” Sam Anderson, the founder of DRSA Holdings Sdn Bhd


Being involved in the business as a seller for other products had opened his mind to expand his business a stage further to become a founder himself. In 2021, he moved a step forward when he began providing an OEM service to clients who wished to be entrepreneurs themselves.

DRSA Holdings Sdn Bhd was established in 2021 to manufacture health and beauty products and also provide consultation to new founders in the field. They offer clients a supply of the right products for their needs in keeping with their aim to be the best Original Equipment Manufacturer & Original Design Manufacturer. All their suppliers are tested and quality certified with Halal and MESTI. Besides this, the founder himself had been involved in the Food & Technology industry, counting more than 5 years of experience.

They noticed that the demand in the food industry was increasing since the pandemic. Therefore, the founder of DRSA had made the decision to share their products with others by providing their services with a low MOQ.

Their products are varied and encompass many benefits and purposes such as:

1)            Multivitamins

Consists of products such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and the combination of vitamins for the customer to improve their antibody systems

2)            Detox

A supplement product to help customers remove the toxicity from their bodies

3)            Whitening

A supplement that promotes better skin quality, the product works through an internal reaction

4)            Health Drinks

A supplement to help control blood sugar levels for those with diabetes, to help manage gout and many other benefits. This product is based on current ingredient technology and contains herbs that are related to each intended function.

All formulations are created by their registered chemist that is highly experienced in working with these same ingredients. The formulations are then sent off to the labs to get the nutrition facts in order and receive approval from the Food Supplement Department in the Ministry of Health.

All the formulations are locked for each client and all data will be kept private and confidential as stated in the agreements between the factory and the clients. They go to great lengths to ensure the food supplement products received by their customers are safe.

Besides this, DRSA Holdings also take on the responsibility of ensuring the lab tests are done for each product and that it will be given with the nutrition facts included for the consumer’s reference. The entrepreneur needn’t worry as the company takes care of everything from A to Z.

The company’s mission is to ensure that all entrepreneurs can succeed with the products that have been manufactured under their care. Products produced by this factory include SA Extremme Glow, RR Detox, and many other well-known products.

With his wide experience in product retail, the founder extends a helping hand to all newcomers and entrepreneurs that become his clients. He does everything he can to assist them including advising, designing, producing, and consulting on marketing products for the client. They pave the way for everything to be on you. They create the route and as entrepreneurs, you choose where it goes.

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