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LY Asia Seafood: Serving only the Freshest


LY Asia Seafood is a purveyor of some of the highest quality fish you will find and a lot of that has to do with their usage of the Japanese technique of Ikejime. Disrupting the fish’s neural system, it immediately kills the fish without causing it to produce lactic acid and ammonia as a byproduct. This ensures that the flavour of the fish is preserved and left untainted by the released chemicals which may make the fish taste sour and soggy or otherwise diminish its quality. Time is of the essence with the Ikejime technique and LY Asia Seafood processes their fish immediately – within a minute of it being caught. They also comprehensively screen their fish to avoid processing any weak or dead specimens.

Quality control

Making sure the fillet is thoroughly dried before being vacuum packed, they use a double-layered vacuum pack to preserve the moisture within the fillet itself. Their goal is to deliver a fish with the very same freshness you’d get if it were in live condition and their satisfied customers would most certainly say they manage to achieve just that. Many of them are pleasantly surprised at its texture and freshness with some expressing their disbelief at the fish having been frozen. As part of their quality control process, LY Asia Seafood screens for the presence of heavy metals, preservatives, and antibiotics through their third-party laboratory.

Going strong

The company’s core value lies in the R&D team that always looks to improve on their technology and processes to ensure the optimum quality, freshness, and safety of their fillets from the moment it leaves the water to the moment it lands on your plate. Working diligently for 18 years now, they have been able to master all the methods and technologies critical to their cause.

They realise that a high-quality fillet starts from the fingerlings and so they built a specially engineered mesocosm for their hatchery. Fish farming is a complicated endeavour that requires deep knowledge of many variables such as sustainable live-feed cycle, algae culture, greenhouse internal environment control, fish larvae behaviour, and live-feed consumption rate. LY Asia Seafood has gone the extra mile in understanding these different facets thoroughly to ensure every single aspect is well taken care of.

Besides quality fingerlings, a pathology lab is another important component of the finished product. It monitors the fish to keep them healthy, energetic, and in a flourishing condition. LY Asia Seafood has enlisted the assistance of a local university and works closely with them to facilitate this goal. In keeping with their ideals of constant improvement, the company has several technologies and processes under development including a selective breeding program, turning fish waste into fertiliser, deriving collagen from fish scales, greenhouse organic vegetable farming, and artificial intelligence.

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