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Tourplus: For All Things Travel

Tourplus is a Malaysian travel and lifestyle app that provides comprehensive information on nearby businesses, including their addresses, reviews, photos, discounts, and products. Their database is extensive and features a variety of businesses ranging from restaurants and spas to resorts and premium outlets. Making things easy is the name of the game at Tourplus and users can conveniently set up their dream getaways from the app with airport transfers, hotel room bookings, and ticket purchasing just a few taps away.

With Tourplus, travellers can organize their trips without worrying about security or language barriers as they have a host of local experts on hand to smooth the process. The app also lets users look at images or videos of other travellers’ reviews, which might give them an indication as to a restaurant’s quality and what’s on the menu. This useful function is called Discover. It can also direct users to a place within the app itself, without having to go through other apps such as Google Maps or Waze. The app has a useful Advance Recommendation System that predicts users’ preferences and assists them in making decisions by displaying the most relevant restaurants they are likely to visit. It even offers a feature that allows users to write a review and share their experience in just three easy steps.

Initially starting as an app to book local driver guides for airport transfers, day excursions, and private tours – it stays true to its roots, providing over 3000 Certified Local Driver Guides to enhance your travel experience. The app connects travellers directly to a local guide through their website and mobile app and this also allows the guides to earn money and make tour management easier. Their services include one-of-a-kind day tours, airport transfers, customized tours, and attraction point ticketing. Airport transportation (with certified drivers) is their best-selling service. Through this service, anyone can travel from one destination point to the airport for just RM60. Users get to travel to the airport at a more economical rate and local drivers see increased job opportunities as well.

Last December, Tourplus introduced a new function to their mobile app – an instant hotel booking setting. Users can now get details, make comparisons, and conduct bookings with instant confirmation all on the app. In addition, Tourplus also gives all first-time bookings a RM100 discount.

They also welcome all entrepreneurs who want to take their company to the next level as signing up with Tourplus not only improves their digital presence but also saves them money on online marketing with no transaction fees. Tourplus helps display their services and product information on the mobile app for all their users to see. The installation and setup procedures are quick and straightforward. Tourplus’ business process helps those they work with to increase customer turnover with their professionals providing integrated marketing support and guidance on campaigns. With low transaction costs and the variety of data tools made available, businesses that work with them have the means to better understand the needs of their customers.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tourplus is one of the leading platforms advocating for the digitization of consumer business which drives engagement with digital-savvy customers. SMEs with an online presence have a distinct advantage when it comes to appealing to this demographic. SMEs’ products can then be elevated and sold on a global scale with Tourplus. This will allow SMEs to expand their reach in the domestic markets and penetrate the international markets, which are now more accessible than ever thanks to digitalization. This will transform SMEs’ products and services and allow them to better provide for their customers. Aside from having a more appealing look and feel, it also simplifies a lot of processes like using accounting software to generate an invoice automatically for instance. SMEs will no doubt enjoy the added benefit of being able to use Cloud Storage Services to help optimize processes and increase the efficiency of their business operations in areas like managing workflow and easily accessing data.

At the end of the day, the people at Tourplus aim to create a unique, personalised travel experience for all their users and partners. They strive to deliver this now and will continue to do so in time to come.

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