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Global MediCALL Assistance: While You Sleep, They Work

Your trusted and reliable medical, travel and roadside assistance service provider

Picture this scenario. You’re stuck in an emergency situation. It could be medical-related while you are on an overseas trip, or you could be involved in an accident while travelling with your loved ones, or your trusted vehicle unexpectedly stalls late into the night in the middle of nowhere.

Who would you run to for assistance? Fortunately, you’d be covered if you had the good sense to sign up with Global MediCALL Assistance or popularly known by its acronym GMCA, a major independent solution provider of medical, travel and roadside emergency crises, and many other services.

You can bank on them for stellar services and performance when it comes to client assistance.

They have been around for more than a decade now, having been founded in 2010. GMCA was started by a group of young, innovative, hardworking, creative, committed, energetic and empathetic entrepreneurs who dared to think differently without allowing risks to become barriers.

Now 12 years later, these young visionaries have put GMCA on the global map.

They provide the best professional services through their highly trained, innovative and knowledgeable workforce whose personal motto is “Grace, Mercy, Compassion and Attentiveness”.

GMCA is where it is now because of its simple policy, that is, while others sleep, they work – they are on call 24/7. Their medical, travel and roadside assistance specialists will be at your beck and call, day and night.

Speaking of cost containment, they help limit your expenses to stay within your budgetary limits without compromising on the quality, professionalism, and high-level care and assistance. Trust GMCA when they say they just want their clients to have access to the highest professional standard of service.

With regards to illness or injury, their trained representatives have in-depth knowledge of healthcare systems and resources to arrange for medical assistance worldwide. From the first call to the final service, GMCA professionals understand and carry out their service according to their client’s needs taking into consideration individual health and safety.

They have access to the highest quality of services, with their team on standby to assist clients with any type of medical need, travel, or roadside emergencies. Their knowledge and know-how enable them to handle any kind of medical emergency, treatment or medical care request.

Their list of services under the Medical Assistance Benefits include:

  • Placing of Guarantee Letter
  • Arranging all types of ground, air and sea transport
  • Medical evacuation and/or repatriation
  • Medical referral and advice
  • Medical monitoring
  • Repatriation of mortal remains

On top of medical-related assistance, another one of GMCA’s popular features is Travel Assistance Services which provides support during emergencies while you travel. GMCA provides travellers with prompt support and assistance on the ground, wherever they may be.

When it comes to Emergency Roadside Assistance, they are your reliable service provider. As we all know, some of the most feared situations involve accidents and mechanical failures.  This is where GMCA comes in with its 24-hour assistance – regardless of where you encounter any vehicle breakdown or accident.

They provide excellent case management service and an assurance that the driver or rider is looked after from the initial emergency call to the final return to the preferred location, in any situation. Under the Emergency Roadside Assistance Benefits, they provide towing services, minor roadside repair, emergency message relay, and referrals to car rental, panel workshop, and hotel services.

One of GMCA’s most popular services is Third Party Administration where they assist insurance companies and corporate human resource departments in bridging policyholders’ or employees’ claims with their nationwide medical care providers. Clients receive hassle-free treatment and facilities when they seek treatment at their panel clinics and hospitals.

GMCA assist in facilitating the settlement of hospital bills in accordance with each individual’s policy terms and conditions. Other assistance provided under this category includes authorisation management, issuance of guarantee letters and hospital referrals.

Yet another of their services is the Medical Second Opinion where their independent second medical opinion service offers a full review of your diagnosis and treatment plan, to ensure you get the best advice. Whether you have unanswered questions, or you need some reassurance, it can be invaluable to double-check with another medical expert.

The medical second opinion service gives you the opportunity to have a second opinion about the individual’s health condition given by one of their specialists or by a team of specialists for the most complex clinical cases.

GMCA’s list of services is extensive and you can learn more about what’s on offer through their website:

Visit their Facebook page or send a query to their 24-hour email at for more information.

Global MediCALL Assistance – your ‘Trusted Service Provider for Worldwide Medical, Third-Party Administrator, Travel, Concierge and Roadside Assistance’.

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