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Dilmah Tea Presents Contemporary Luxury Tea Experience

Sri Lankan tea grower, Dilmah Tea demonstrates revolutionary tea-inspired concepts for Malaysians to enjoy tea 

Dilmah Tea, a family-based and first producer-owned tea brand recently hosted a Tea Appreciation Day and introduced a revolutionary take on the finest Dilmah tea to hospitality professionals, consumers, and tea aficionados in Malaysia.

Themed “Crafting a 21st Century Luxury Tea Experience”, Dilmah, having pioneered single-origin Ceylon tea, is driven by its focus on purity of origin, and freshness, and is strengthened by its passion for innovation. Dilmah tea is no stranger to Malaysia and has been a staple of hospitality and households in the country for over 10 years. Elevating teatime experiences beyond a cup of tea, Dilmah demonstrated the versatility of its range of premium teas paired with a series of Malaysian favourites such as nasi lemak and chicken satay.

“From the terrain, soil to the tea leaves, we believe in the power of nature that influences every taste and vibrancy of the teas that we make at Dilmah. We honour, preserve, and embrace nature in each tea we make to enable families to enjoy every sip. We are so happy to be back in Malaysia to host this Tea Appreciation Day and remind Malaysians of the quality and authenticity of a cup of Dilmah tea,” said Dilhan C. Fernando, Tea Grower and CEO of Dilmah Tea.

Some of the premium tea range includes:

  • Tea Makers Private Reserve: An eclectic collection of rare, fine teas, all of which were handpicked by Dilmah’s Founder himself, Merrill J. Fernando, representing the finest and most exclusive teas in the world. The Tea Makers Private Reserve comes as loose leaf tea or bulk food service packs.
  • Silver Jubilee Gourmet Tea: A mixed selection of exquisite Gourmet Black, Green, White Teas and Infusions offered as a celebration of the heritage of the Dilmah brand; passionate with a purpose. The tea herb was given a touch of the 21st century, allowing a concoction of gourmet tea flavours like elderflower and apple infusion, Ceylon rose and mint, and more. This tea range comes in bulk food service packs, sachets or loose leaf tea.
  • t-series Designer Gourmet Tea: This tea range is the perfect accompaniment to every mood and emotion, perfect to be enjoyed at different times of the day. The range presents a vast array of designer gourmet teas including Very Special Rare Tea like the Ceylon Silver Tips and Seasonal Flush. The Seasonal Flush by t-Series is a tea so rare that it is produced only as a result of a seasonal phenomenon that occurs twice a year.
  • Dilmah Exceptional: An ode to its name, Dilmah Exceptional mix of herbal infusions are elegant, bursting with flavour and finished gently with a hint of smooth, pleasing fragrance.
  • Yum Teas & Infusions: This range is a perfect blend of tea and herb-inspired deliciousness, packed with antioxidant properties. Each tea is Individually wrapped in 100% biodegradable tea bags.

A mixologist was also present to demonstrate several new cocktails and mocktails recipes, each with its own unique flavour. Interestingly, Dilmah also innovates by exploring different ways tea can be indulged through dessert! Teas are mixed fabulously with chocolate and conventional dessert, or they can be just as good in tea-inspired desserts. At the event, the food pairing session also showed Dilmah’s t-series teas paired with delectable desserts such as chocolate fudge, cookies and cream ice cream and apple pie.

“Malaysians are no stranger to a tea-drinking culture, be it as a social gesture or family traditions. At Dilmah, we want to continue being a part of Malaysians’ lives by putting a spin on how tea can be appreciated, savoured and enjoyed,” added Fernando.

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