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Unravel Nature’s Gifts from Mt. Fuji: Kirin Announces Official Debut of FUJI with Two Core & Limited-Edition Whiskies in Singapore

In partnership with official distributor, Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits, whisky lovers can now relish the breath-taking nature of Mt. FUJI and Japanese artistry through four beautiful expressions

Above: Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky FUJI 2022 Masterpiece

Three years since the debut of its new flagship whisky brand “FUJI”, Kirin announces Singapore as its 4th official export market following France, the USA and Australia. Known for its perfected Japanese methodologies and use of natural resources surrounding its distillery, this highly anticipated launch is primed as an invitation to explore Mt. FUJI through the senses in four distinct expressions that will indubitably appeal to whiskey lovers and Japanese whisky collectors in Singapore.

Launched in sole partnership with Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits – a specialised importer and distributor that champions independent Asian and European labels – the debut welcomes two core products in the Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI and Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky, alongside two Limited-Editions Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI 30 Years Old and Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky FUJI 2022 Masterpiece – for one-off, unique chapters to offer whisky seekers a comprehensive journey into FUJI’s whisky-making ethos.

The FUJI Core range and Limited-Edition whiskies (in limited quantities) are now available for island-wide deliveries at and trade enquiries by contacting Danny Ong (, the Head of Sales at Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits.


Kirin’s Mt. FUJI Distillery at the base of Mt. FUJI in Gotemba, Japan

Dating back to 1972, the Mt. FUJI Distillery was established by Kirin-Seagram Limited with an ambition to develop the ideal whisky that caters to the Japanese palate, one which is synonymous with its pursuit of truest, unadulterated flavours. Since operations began in 1973, the company stepped forward with a vision in mind, to become a singular facility responsible for producing whiskies that encapsulate the terroir of Mt. FUJI.

By procuring equipment for malt and grain variants and scrutinising methods, technologies and flavours across Scotland, the United States, and Canada, Kirin eventually devised original brewing techniques from scratch to cater to their particular and exacting standards. Fusing this know-how with Japanese sensibility, the company has gone on to release products marked by a distinctively clean and estery taste that cemented Kirin as one of Japan’s leading whisky producers.


Lush forests and crystal-clear waters surrounding Mt. FUJI

Based at the foot of Mt. FUJI, every bottle owes its make to its pristine, mystical surroundings. Located 610 metres above sea level with a breathtaking view of Mt. FUJI, the distillery enjoys an average temperature of 13°C and misty humidity that provides an ideal climate for whisky ageing. Capitalising on the abundance of undisturbed nature, the distillery uses Mt. FUJI’s snowmelt and rain as its source for spring water that has been naturally filtered underground for about 50 years, accumulated directly just 100 metres beneath the distillery – thus resulting in high-quality water with a clean minerality that defines the clear profile of whiskies from the Mt. FUJI Distillery.


Over the past five decades, Kirin’s Mt. FUJI Distillery has earned its reputation as a rare distillery for in-house productions of both malt and grain whiskies. Equipped with pot stills, “continuous” stills, “beer column and double” stills, and “kettle and column” stills, the facility produces malt whisky and three-grain whiskies that are categorised as 1) Heavy for the rich, floral and fruity bourbon styles adapted from the USA, 2) Medium based on the Canadian characteristics of mellow and silky, and 3) Light for the renowned crisp and delicateness of Scottish types – all with the intent of building foundations for original innovations.

Priding themselves on achieving the perfect harmony, every component crucial in whisky making is done in-house and evaluated through human sensation. From the selection of yeast for fermentation, distillation using different equipment, gentle yet efficient ageing in 180-litre oak barrels, and blending ratios to bottling, every step is carefully observed to ensure a naturally inclined complexity that shines when sipped on its own or drunk long akin to most Japanese tendencies.


In 2020, Kirin introduced “FUJI” as its new flagship of premium whiskies to honour Mt FUJI as its most precious resource and at the same time, hint at the journeys that lie within. Initially released domestically, the company eventually expanded exports to France, the USA and Australia with resounding success. Noting the ever-growing appreciation of Japanese whiskies in Singapore, the country was then chosen to be the fourth official market for the expansion of FUJI.

Armed with a two-decade honed expertise (since 1999) in distributing wines, artisanal spirits, sake,  and particularly for their specialised focus on craft Japanese whiskies and quality Scottish malt whiskies, Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits Pte Ltd. has been appointed by Kirin to be the official distributor and retailer for FUJI across Singapore.

“Authentic Japanese whiskies are in high demand globally due to their smooth, fruity, balanced flavours and scarce production. The Kirin company makes exceptional FUJI whiskies that are delicate and layered with beautiful complexity. We are deeply honoured to be Kirin’s chosen distribution partner to finally introduce FUJI whiskies to consumers in Singapore in 2023”, says Jonathan Chow, Group CEO of Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits.


Above: Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI (left) and Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky (right)

Offering Japanese whisky collectors a diverse flight of Mt. FUJI, the launch welcomes two new core products as quintessential expressions and two Limited-Edition whiskies to underscore the sacred mountain’s limitless potential.



Marked as the entry expression of FUJI, the Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI is a blend of three different grain whiskies to achieve a unique blend. Described as delicately fruity, complex yet mellow, the liquid presents scents of white grapes and orange peel on the nose, with a soft palate of honey, bitter chocolate and orange marmalade after each sip. Matured wholly in American white oak barrels, the finish holds a lingering woodiness with a sweet complexity reminiscent of Canadian-styled grain whisky.

Since its debut, the Kirin Single Grain Whisky FUJI have earned consecutive Gold Medals at the International Spirits Challenge from 2020 to 2022 – a remarkable stamp of consistent excellence for the distillery’s new flagship.


  • Composition: Heavy Bourbon Type Grain, Medium Canadian Type Grain and Light Scottish Type Grain
  • Strength: Bottled at 46% ABV
  • Volume & Price: 700ml, $168


A product of Kirin’s quest for originality, the Single Blended Japanese Whisky achieved recognition as the first single blended variant to be approved in Japan. Envisioned to embody the distillery’s commitment to whisky making, each bottle resides a harmonious composition of unblended malt and grain whiskies that are made from scratch within the facility.

Primarily blended with a larger ratio of medium and light grains, its interplay of variants offers a multi-layered profile recalling aromas of peach, apricot, and orange liquor. Rich with a silky mouthfeel, drinkers will uncover vivid notes of fruit tart and white flower honey for a well-balanced nuance of fruity and floral, while a sweet and rich afterglow paves a luscious finish that anyone can enjoy.


  • Composition: Malt Grain, Heavy Bourbon Type Grain, Medium Canadian & Light Scottish Type Grain
  • Strength: Bottled at 43% ABV
  • Volume & Price: 700ml, $158



Prized as the pinnacle of FUJI is the Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI 30 Years Old – the distillery’s oldest expression yet, and the pride of the Mt. FUJI Distillery. Flaunting a seductive deep mahogany derived from multiple Canadian-style maturates, the liquid immediately arouses with sweet temptations of ripe and dried fruits that open to a black honey-laced aroma.

Best enjoyed on its own for flavours to bloom, notes of honey, maple, dark chocolate, and wood intermingle to form a soft, profound and condensed palate. Following each sip, the finish holds a lingering woodiness with a sweet complexity that is reminiscent of Canadian styles yet remarkably different for a sensorial experience worth savouring.

Launched to critical acclaim, the Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI 30 Years Old earned the World’s Best Grain Whisky (World Whisky Award, 2020) and a Trophy – the highest honour possible – at the International Spirits Challenge, 2020. In an industry where it is rare to commercialise grain whiskies which matured over 30 years due to the level of patience involved, productions are limited with a sparing availability of only 120 bottles for sale allocated to the Singaporean market.


  • Composition: Medium Canadian Type Grain only
  • Strength: Bottled at 46% ABV
  • Volume & Price: 700ml, $4,800
  • Only 120 bottles available in Singapore


The latest release that was exclusive to the Japanese market at launch, the Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky 2022 Masterpiece is the embodiment of Kirin’s singular house style that sets it apart from most distilleries across the globe. Leveraging its capabilities in producing both malt and grain whiskies, each bottle holds a secret culmination of 30-year-old whiskies and various whiskies aged in red wine and ex-beer barrels.

Precisely blended by Master Blender Jota Tanaka – Master Blender of the Year (Icons of Whisky, 2017) and Whisky Hall of Fame Inductee (2022) – the maple-coloured liquid captivates with an inviting aroma of crème brûlée, yellow peaches and incense wood. Remaining consistent, notes of spicy rye, ripened cherry and faint lychee form a long, pleasant conclusion with moderately woody and ripe fruit notes.

Likewise, as its Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI 30 Years Old counterpart, the Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky 2022 Masterpiece is only produced in limited quantities with 240 bottles available in Singapore that are officially distributed by Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits.


  • Composition: Malt (various types), Heavy Bourbon Type Grain and Medium Canadian Type Grain
  • Strength: Bottled at 50% ABV
  • Volume & Price: 700ml, $2,000
  • Only 240 bottles available in Singapore

Kirin’s FUJI whiskies are now available for island-wide deliveries via Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits e-commerce website at As the sole official Singapore distributor of FUJI, Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits now welcome trade enquiries by contacting Danny Ong, Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits’ Head of Sales at

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