Meet Annette Isaac – The Food Stylist Turned Cookbook Author

Annette Isaac is a chef, food stylist, and cookbook author who is passionate about creating delicious and accessible meals for everyone. Her debut cookbook, What to Cook Laaa…, is a celebration of the diverse and flavourful cuisine of Malaysia, with a focus on simple, easy-to-make dishes that anyone can enjoy.

Isaac’s love for cooking began in childhood, when she was left to prepare her own meals while her parents were at work. She quickly became an inventive cook, combining ingredients to create new and exciting dishes that she loved to eat. This passion for food continued throughout her university years in the UK, where she became the designated cook among her circle of friends.

Since returning to Malaysia, Isaac has turned her passion for food into a successful business. She has produced gourmet baby food under the Gourmet Goo brand and healthy frozen meals under the Dish n Dash brand. She also ran a restaurant in the trendy Mont Kiara area, serving food close to her heart.

What to Cook Laaa… is the culmination of Isaac’s years of culinary experience and expertise. The book is packed with delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that are perfect for the Malaysian palate. From local favorites like chilli brinjal, ayam masak merah, and claypot chicken rice, to Western meals like spicy roast beef and creamy scrambled eggs, there is something for everyone in this cookbook.

Isaac’s approach to cooking is simple and straightforward – less is more. She believes in using simple ingredients that can be easily sourced, like chillies, garlic, tomatoes, and limes, and in repurposing herbs and spices to create new and exciting flavor combinations. This is especially relevant given the rising food costs in Malaysia, which make it difficult for average Malaysians to cook nutritious meals.

In addition to her cookbook, Isaac now focuses on recipe development and food styling for various companies. She also conducts cooking demonstrations and workshops at international food exhibitions, where she can share her knowledge and passion for food with others.

In short, Annette Isaac is a talented and inspiring chef who has dedicated her career to creating delicious and accessible food for all. Her cookbook, What to Cook Laaa…, is a must-read for anyone who loves Malaysian cuisine or wants to learn how to make simple, flavorful meals at home.

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