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Immerse Yourself in the World of Noh Theatre at Gishiki Lounge

Located in the heart of Central at the junction of Hollywood Road and Old Bailey Street, Tai Kwun’s historical walls provide an alluring setting for the city’s most revered drinking and dining experiences. Situated on the lower ground floor of the former Police Headquarters block, Gishiki Lounge offers a one-of-a-kind bar experience that harks back to traditional Japanese cultural practices.

Inspired by the otherworldly realm of Japanese Noh Theatre, Gishiki Lounge entices guests with an entirely new form of escapism through presenting contemporary cocktails that draw inspiration from Noh masks, unfolding stories through innovative flavours.

From its uniquely structured menu to its punctilious service and entrancing atmosphere, Gishiki Lounge presents a drinking experience like no other, allowing guests to escape the noise and distractions of the city from within Tai Kwun’s walls. Whether for casual drinks or an intimate evening, guests can be assured of a transformative experience.

Step into another world that references the mystical art of Noh Theatre in every element and crevice, decorated with plush jewel tones and traditional cypress wooden masks of iconic characters and deities. Gishiki Lounge’s mesmerising space transports guests into a realm where they can relish in a ritualistic performance hosted by mastermind and Bar Manager Billy Lau and his mixology team, as they craft stunning cocktails on the raised bar stage.

From start to finish, each component of the experience hypnotises guests through structure and narrative. The menu itself is rhythmically categorised, initiating with Jo (beginning or opening), progressing into Ha (break or development), and culminating with Kyu (fast or climax). Flavours compound on top of one another, resulting in a satisfying yet complex symbiosis of stories that awaken the spirit and expand the palate.

Delight in a thoughtful selection of cocktails, each named after iconic Noh masks, that embody the characteristics and stories of each figure with their unique combinations of flavours and ingredients.


Set the stage with the signature Fudō, presented in a Japanese cherry wooden box and shrouded in a cloud of smoke in reference to its fiery mask counterpart, personifying the God of Fire. Silky in flavour with roasted undertones, this drink provides an enigmatic introduction to the diverse menu of cocktails as the mixology team enchants guests with their captivating performance.

As the tension begins to culminate, the smoky and sour Magojiro showcases a smooth and carefully balanced blend that mirrors an iconic Noh character celebrated for her noble feminine beauty. Ash, clarified Daidai, and winter honey fuse over a sturdy base of Gishiki Lounge’s house whisky blend, capturing the symmetry of this graceful mask.


Take a bow with the umami Yamanba, and traverse through the fauna and flora of the Japanese forest, just as the solitary female mountain demon it represents. This unique blend combines shiitake mushrooms, nori tincture, and black winter truffles over a base of whisky, recollecting the earthy flavours that surround this iconic character.

All signature cocktails are priced at HK$138. Each cocktail at Gishiki Lounge contributes a unique storytelling experience, educating guests on Japanese culture in an immersive space, allowing them to take away something valuable as they depart back to the outside world. With its unique selection of innovative cocktails and thoughtfully choreographed service, Gishiki Lounge positions itself as a haven for cocktail enthusiasts in search of a new escape.

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