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Martell Unveils Exclusive Martell Cordon Bleu x Marcos Kueh Limited Edition in Celebration of 130 Years in Malaysia

In an exclusive collaboration marking Martell’s 130 years in Malaysia, Marcos Kueh, a Malaysian textile artist based in The Netherlands and hailing from Borneo, whose works are celebrated in prestigious institutions, has designed only 130 limited edition Martell Cordon Bleu bottles

In celebration of its 130-year legacy in Malaysia, Maison Martell proudly announces the unveiling of the Martell x Marcos Kueh Martell Cordon Bleu limited edition pack and bottle. Limited to a symbolic 130 bottles, this exclusive collaboration with internationally renowned Malaysian textile artist Marcos Kueh results in a truly unique offering that marks a significant milestone in the brand’s storied history in the country.

“We are excited to partner with Marcos Kueh, the only Malaysian artist of note renowned for industrial textile weaving techniques. His visionary approach vividly encapsulates the rich historical tapestry that defines Martell’s journey in Malaysia, Martell has woven itself into the fabric of social and family gatherings, often observed by the joyful chorus of ‘yam seng’. Given Malaysia’s significance as Martell’s second-largest market after China, the unique way Martell has intertwined with the nation’s culture makes this collaboration particularly truly special,” said Liew Pooi Wan, Head of Marketing at Pernod Ricard Malaysia. 

Marcos Kueh’s design for the Martell limited edition masterfully intertwines elements of Malaysia’s rich cultural tapestry. At the heart of this artistic narrative is The Martell Swift-emblazoned hot air balloon, symbolizing its arrival over a landscape of heritage and colonial-era architecture and iconic contemporary skyscrapers that seemingly depict the passage of time—the past, the present and the future in one, seamless artwork.

Sarawakian traditional beads, the majestic Rafflesia flower, and motifs inspired by Malaysian woven textile art are delicately integrated into the composition, adding depth and texture, whilst serving as visual symbols of Malaysia’s rich cultural fabric. The fusion of traditional motifs with the representation of both historical and modern skyscrapers creates a compelling visual narrative that mirrors the blend of history and modernity that characterises both Martell and Malaysia. 

“Celebrating the remarkable journey of 130 years since Martell first graced the shores of Penang, I’ve had the unique privilege of reimagining its profound integration into the very fabric of our society. As a Malaysian artist, this collaboration is a unique privilege. Through this limited edition, I aimed to weave a visual narrative that not only revisits our rich past but also highlights the enduring and deep-rooted bond between Malaysia and Maison Martell. It’s a landscape of memories, a tapestry of shared moments, symbolising how Martell is celebrated across generations,” said Marcos Kueh.

In its 130-year journey in Malaysia, Martell has established a profound legacy since its arrival in 1894. Establishing a robust presence from the get-go; Martell’s expansion was supported by international shipping lines, linking Malaysia to global trade routes. The brand quickly became the preferred choice among English and Chinese businessmen, symbolising success and status. 

As Martell marks its 130-year milestone in Malaysia, the collaboration with Marcos Kueh epitomises the brand’s lasting heritage and audacious forward momentum, embodying the ethos of soaring beyond the expected. 

 With only 130 bottles available, this exclusive limited edition, symbolising shared memories and aspirations, is a unique opportunity for connoisseurs and collectors to own a piece of Martell’s remarkable journey in Malaysia. Priced at RM1046, this limited edition Martell Cordon Bleu can be acquired at The Food Merchant, The Chamber, and Magnum Wines & Spirits in Pavilion Bukit Jalil until 1 Jan 2024, while stocks last. 

In conjunction with Martell’s 130 Years in Malaysia celebration, Martell will gift four bottles of Marcos Kueh-designed Martell Cordon Bleu to four winners. To secure this opportunity, interested parties must participate at Martell’s interactive, multi-sensory, AI-enabled Pop-Up Store taking place from 1 Dec 2023 to 1 Jan 202410 am to 10 pm daily, at the concourse of Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Participants must visit at least four out of the five designated checkpoints at Martell’s pop-up and satellite events, and share their experience with the hashtag #Martell130yearsinMalaysia on their Instagram or Facebook. Participants must keep their profiles public to be eligible. Winners will be selected every two weeks and notified via direct message.

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