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Wynn Macau Presents “BROTH by André Chiang” An Unprecedented Hot Pot Broth Experience

Globally renowned Chef André Chiang, Wynn Culinary Ambassador, unveils his latest pop-up project “BROTH by André Chiang” at Mizumi, Wynn Macau, starting from May 11. “BROTH by André Chiang” is a brand-new, personalized hot pot experience that focuses not only on the abundance of ingredients, but a celebration of the broth, the true soul of hot pot.

Having excelled with unrivalled success for decades and awards won in the world of hospitality, Chef André Chiang channels his worldly horizon and exposure to global cuisines, shatters geographical barriers as he presents new culinary ideas fusing Chinese culinary traditions, Pan-Asian varieties and French precision with his new BROTH. Chef André’s eight signature Asian-inspired broths highlight the best of broth-making, from long-simmering Chinese double-boiled soups to Japanese nabes, and French bouillons, developing unique flavour profiles such as Sichuan, Taiwanese, Southeast Asian into bespoke options for guests’ full enjoyment. “BROTH by André Chiang” unleashes a brand-new structure for hot pot, where fresh ingredients and homemade treats are cooked in designated broths to highlight their textures, elevating their optimal doneness with full satisfaction and accompaniment to the broths. The BROTH experience brings unprecedented depth to the conventional hot pot experience.

In true innovation to the modern-day hot pot, Chef André designed a new sequence that focuses on the high levels of comfort brought by flavourful broths. Unlike a traditional hot pot where broths take a secondary, supporting role, Chef André elevates the broth back to its primary spotlight through a creative flow of courses in his dining experience, starting with a presentation of fresh seafood, fresh meat, followed by seasonal vegetables. Following the showcase is a ‘Broth Tasting’ where guests can indulge in a sample flight of all eight broth varieties, learning their compositions to familiarize themselves to help with choosing one for their individual hot pot to come. The selected broths are prepared as guests are presented with an onslaught of Japanese appetizers, made in-house with the season’s optimal harvests, as well as an amuse bouche to whet the appetite. Guests are presented with a sharing seafood tower for their hot pot, served alongside a special dipping sauce developed with Chef André’s house-guarded secret recipe. The hot pot experience begins with seafood and vegetables, followed by a table-side personalized preparation of meats, where portions of meat will be prepared by skilled servers designating each type of meat with their respective meat bouillon. A true effort to enhance the meaty flavours of the unctuous meat, the tableside preparation also guarantees maximal enjoyment through the optimal doneness of each meat offering.

The experience is complete with a starch course, where a selection of noodles and rice is prepared with a pure dashi, a palate-cleansing final offering that concludes the hot pot experience. The new “BROTH by André Chiang” experience elevates the hot pot tradition with the soul of the comfort broth. Elevating the enjoyment of Chinese double-boiled broth, French meat bouillon and Japanese nabe dashi, each bearing their own respective characteristics, in a new take on hot pot that brings unprecedented satisfaction and true enjoyment of the hot pot experience that celebrates flavour and comfort, crafted by a true, seasoned master of gastronomy.

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