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A perfect spot for a romantic getaway is a place where couples could enjoy spending time together and this would include places with fun activities and romantic atmospheres. In this Issue, AFT shares its list of the world’s top 10 romantic places for a vacation and this includes beautiful beaches with gorgeous views and breathtaking sunsets, a fun tour of famous places in cities with an unforgettable and relaxing atmosphere, dinner by the sea and other interesting activities which could be done by two.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Well known as the “City of Love and Romance”, Paris is famous for its romantic places which are suitable for couples on vacation. Located in the heart of Paris’ city, the Eiffel Tower, is a romantic place where thousands of couples choose to get engaged while being surrounded by 20,000 golden lights that twinkle for five minutes every hour. Professional photographers are also available everywhere to capture special moments of couples posing together with the amazing backdrop view from the tower. Meanwhile, another interesting attraction nearby is the Seine river, where boats filled with romantic couples are seen before and after sunset. Some couples even enjoy romantic dinners on board the boats.


Santorini, Greece

Located in Greece, couples on a romantic vacation could witness the breathtaking sunset at Oia at Ambrosia restaurant that serves delicious Greek cuisine. Surrounded by whitewashed buildings with blue domes, the buildings flicker in gold as sunlight reflects on them. At the three-storey Windmill villas, there are private terraces and a garden. Visitors could also relax in a pool while admiring the beautiful view of the sea. Also famous is the volcanic hot spring near the Mediterranean Sea and the volcano mud baths. Another interesting attraction spot is the Red Beach, which is located beside the ancient Akrotiri, its sand is red in colour and is a beautiful sight to behold. For wine lovers, one could head to the Santo winery to taste eighteen different kinds of wine accompanied with cheese. Meanwhile, for movie lovers, an open air cinema at Kamari village is the perfect place to enjoy a movie while indulging on cocktails and popcorn.

Lungotevere, Rome

Well known as the road beside the Tiber River is the Lungotevere, its atmosphere is especially romantic at night. The reflection of city lights on the water and the superb sight of beautiful trees with branches that reach down toward the water make the place appear magical and fairy-tale like. Meanwhile, during summer time, the place would be filled with restaurants, bars and other kinds of events. The amazing view of Tiber Island, Castel Sant’Angelo and St Peter’s Basilica could also be clearly seen from Lungotevere.


North Island, Seychelles

This island is the perfect romantic getaway as guests can enjoy a wide range of activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and also stand up paddling. Being a main destination for weddings and honeymoons, couples could also ride on bikes to explore the island while admiring the surrounding scenery. Other, than that, fly fishing activity is also provided at the island. Meanwhile, boating activities are also available for couples to take a trip to the outer islands such as Mahé and the bird islands while some may even be lucky to witness hawksbills and green turtles lay eggs on the East West and Honeymoon beaches on North Island.

 Ibiza, Spain

Bringing your significant other to watch the sunrise at the highest mountain of Ibiza, Sa Talaia could be one of the most romantic experiences for couples. Relaxing in a spa hotel and soaking in its surroundings at Hacienda Na Xamena with a clifftop view will also leave visitors mesmerised. On the other hand, couples could also head to La Paloma and enjoy the waft of citrus from trees while having a sumptuous meal. For a romantic secluded stay, couples could also try out the Hotel Ses Pitreras where hot tubs are provided with a private terrace.

Flower Forest, Barbados

The tranquility of the flower forest in Barbados draws many visitors from afar. At the heart of the garden, lies the most romantic place in Barbados. Couples could enjoy the sound of birds chirping, order some of Barbados’ famous local fishcake or even sip on a cup of lemongrass-flavoured drink. A gift shop at the Flower Forest sells Bajan arts, crafts and earthwork pottery stoneware. When the storm clouds roll in, the pavilion provides shelter for visitors before they proceed to further their adventures after the downpour.


Dalat, Vietnam

Known as the most romantic place in Vietnam, this layback place is well known for its Da Lat coffee and Trịnh Công Sơn’s music, which is the most popular music in Vietnam. Meanwhile, one of the most unique cultures of Dalat is the Ruou Can, a warm aromatic fermented wine in big pottery jars which could be drank by using small bamboo drinking pipes and sticking them into the wine jar. Another interesting activity would be horse riding around the area of Xuan Hong Lake and visiting interesting spots such as the flowers and vegetable gardens, strawberry gardens, wine factories and not to miss out the swan pedal boats where visitors could paddle in the lake and admire the beautiful surroundings. Dalat is also famous for its waterfalls such as the Pongour and Cam Ly and these waterfalls are the source of inspiration for poets.


Bentota, Sri Lanka

Bentota has one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. Watersports such as water boarding, wind surfing are available in this famous resort town, Bentota. Another main attraction is the Brief Garden, designed by Bevis Bawa. This garden is filled with art collections, tropical trees and sculptures. For safari lovers, the Madu Ganga River Safari will transport visitors to explore and admire birds of some 111 species while cruising between shady mangrove trees. Meanwhile, diving activities are also available especially at the Canoe Rock and South Reef where beautiful coral reefs and lion fishes are found.


Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most popular places for romance, the gondola rides in the Grand Canal are filled with couples and the view of St Mark’s Square with its gold mosaics are splendid. An amazing view of the sun setting in a pink streaked sky could also be witnessed at the lagoon shore at Giardini Pubblici. Meanwhile, one of the greatest views of Venice lies at the wooden Accademia Bridge located above the Grand Canal. Besides, Venice is also famous for its gelato which could be found at Gelaterias such as Suso and Nico. Small canals and backstreet also provide a perfect view of Venice. Lastly, the colourful island of Burano is a must-go to place to admire the multi-coloured houses.


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This romantic island getaway is well known as a honeymoon destination. A visit to Matira Beach at the southern end of Bora Bora, with its white sand and palm trees with green hills can be an exciting experience. Activities such as snorkeling, swimming and parasailing are among the activities which are well enjoyed among visitors. Among other watersports enjoyed by tourists is the Aqua Safari where visitors get to walk on the sandy bottom while admiring colourful fishes and sea grasses. The Tahitian Pearl Market is also a famous place to visit as this family business designs jewellery made from locally harvested pearls. Couples could also enjoy a dinner for two at St Regis’ lagoon.

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