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Shiseido Professional and The RuMa Invite Guests to Tea with Their New Sublimic-Inspired Special

Shiseido Professional together with The RuMa Hotel & Residences, presents a delightful Sublimic Aroma inspired Afternoon Tea Set especially created by Executive Chef Tyson Gee to be on the menu this month.

Sublimic is a professional hair care range by Shiseido Professional. With a focus on embracing one’s inner beauty, the Sublimic hair care range prides itself of its naturally-derived aroma. In each range, carries a significant scent that soothes and eases the mind after each use.

Inspired by the scents of Sublimic, the Afternoon Tea Set is put together carefully to feature a uniquely refreshing and satisfying plate of flavours. Guests can expect a variety of green, fruity, floral flavours.

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Canadian-born Chef Gee approaches every menu for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, with the touch of an alchemist, infusing the dining experience with a flair for the transformational.

At The RuMa, Gee brings his guests on a culinary journey to discover a new appreciation for local provenance, with a seasonal menu that unearths the unique flavours of locally sourced spices, herbs and vegetables.

With Chef Gee’s expertise in fusion, the collaboration of Shiseido Professional and Chef Gee borrows from the culinary flavours of the Japanese, to inspire an afternoon tea that recalls the refreshing aroma of Sublimic.

The menu is inspired by Sublimic’s scents and key ingredients that has been carefully put together to allow guests to experience a refreshing afternoon tea, served in the essence of Japanese holistic and Omotenashi principle.

Amongst the highlights are the Single Origin Chocolate cake filled with Chocolate Mousseline and freshly crushed Macadamia for the perfect crunch influenced by the use of Macadami Ternifolia Seed Oil in Aqua Intensive range; the Rose Eclair with beautiful flavour hints naturally derived from the rose flavour, coupled with Raspberry Rose gel, Rosella Custard, Thai Basil and Honeycomb, rouses scent memories of the Luminoforce range; the multi-layered White Peach Entremet featuring layers of Mint flavour and Orange Blossom gelee is inspired by the Airy Flow range; Herbal Neem Macaron inspired by Fuente Forte range’s ingredient, best known for its great health benefits; and milk bun paired with smoked duck topped with orange marmalade, giving a unique twist to this refreshingly savoury gourmet slider vision out of the Adenovital range.

Standing in line with the brand’s Omotenashi principle where great environment and hostmanship is utmost priority, the LIBRARI allows its guests to nestle discreetly into the mdaylight-filled conservatory that extends from the hotel’s lobby. The mantra of the hotel centres around guests at its very core. Human, intuitive, generous and devoid of complicated processes. Offering an array of delectable refreshments, light meals, afternoon high tea or simply a beautifully human and domestic environment from which to indulge, converse or exchange.

Being the 1st Anniversary of Sublimic’s launch, guests will receive a Sublimic The Mini-Aroma worth RM149 with every purchase of two (2) Afternoon Tea Sets worth RM150/set (while stocks last).

The Mini-Aroma packs a five-piece Sublimic miniature shampoo kit, perfect for sharing amongst family and friends with different hair or scalp concerns. What’s inside Sublimic The Mini-Aroma:

X1 50ml Sublimic Aqua Intensive Shampoo (for damaged hair)

X1 50ml Sublimic Airy Flow Shampoo (for unruly hair)

X1 50ml Sublimic Fuente Forte Shampoo (for dandruff scalp)

X1 50ml Sublimic Luminoforce Shampoo (for colored hair)

X1 50ml Adenovital Shampoo (for thinning hair)

The Sublimic inspired Afternoon Tea set is available from 8-31 January 2021 on Fridays to Sundays from 15:00 – 18:00 at SEVEN Lobby Bar and Lounge & LIBRARI by The RuMa Hotel & Residences.

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