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Facts About Wine

Wine have come a long way since it was first discovered in ancient Mesopotamia (6000 B.C). It is a brew relished from the time Jesus Christ turned water into wine to the fall of the Roman Empire and all the way until today. In fact, wine is valued so much that it has been colonized by countries all over the globe including Chile, Italy, France, Australia and Argentina. But if you think its sole purpose is to get one intoxicated, well think again. These are some of the unique qualities you should know about this (boozy) lip-smacking beverage.

It improves health

Wine, specifically red, help prevent myriads of health issues including dementia, liver disease and even depression. That is, when you consume it in moderation.

Women get drunk faster from wine

If you are thinking of body weight or size as its factor, then you are wrong. This is due to the fact that women have higher fat ratio compared to men and fat does not absorb alcohol.

It doesn’t make you fat

Weight-watchers can finally rejoice. Although there are about 100 calories in a 5-ounce glass (compared to 144 calories in a 12-ounce beer glass), wine is relatively low in carbs and it is cholesterol-free!

You can bathe in it

Wine is not only good for its drinking properties; it also does miracles to our skin. Apart from reducing wrinkles, it eliminates cellulites, acts as a facelift and even promotes blood circulation.

Contains a lot of antioxidant

Wine is rich in a type of antioxidant called polyphenol, which aids in fighting heart diseases and protecting blood vessels in the heart. Wines that have the most antioxidant are Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Pinot Noir.

Enhances brain power

Besides protecting the brain from stroke, wine increases brain function especially among older women. It helps with the rise of blood flow in the brain, thus, leading to better cognitive performance.

Temperature matters

Wine-serving temperature is crucial as it affects the flavour and aroma greatly. Sparkling wine is best served ice cold, while white wine should be fridge cold and red wine can be served at room temperature.

Use wine to clean wine

Yes, don’t even waste your energy scrubbing off red wine stains. Since they neutralise each other, simply pour white wine over the red wine stain before putting it in the wash.

Running a vintage Aston Martin

As a way of saving fuel and reducing air pollution, Prince Charles runs his posh Aston Martin with biofuel made of wine. Well, that’s another way to save the environment – if you are as rich and opulent as he is, of course.

Poor soil, better wine

Believe it or not, high quality wines are cultivated from poor and infertile soil. On the contrary, soils that are rich and lush – those used to grow commercial crops – would only destroy the quality of the grapes. Hence, the production of world-class wines such as Romanée-Conti and Chateau Lafite – which can cost up to a whopping one million dollars.

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