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Kavalan Launches ‘Triple Sherry Cask’ Combination of 3 Exquisite Sherry Oak Casks

Kavalan has launched its Triple Sherry Cask, a rare combination of Oloroso, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel exquisite sherry-aged casks with Kavalan’s velvety texture and signature sweetness with the dried fruits of Oloroso as its main character.


Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel, known as the king and queen of sweet sherry, the deep scarlet spirit is pungent with rich caramel and the sweetness of maltose, layered with the distillery’s unique tropical fruits to create a delicate but distinct sherried whisky that can be enjoyed on easy-drinking occasions with friends.


Triple Sherry Cask showcases a three-stage balancing craft in the marrying vats, each fully matured in the three different sherry casks to rest and meld together in perfect fusion, locking in optimal smoothness.


Like a smooth flamenco dance, its notes of cinnamon, candied smoked plum, and citrus, layered with berry, tropical fruit, and longan aromas, with a dash of honey, chocolate, and toffee playfully tease the taste buds.


The packaging design breaks with the past, visually connecting the taste and aroma of the liquid for the first time. The fluid painting intertwined with white, gold, and red colours, which symbolises the multi-layered and smooth taste of triple sherry cask whisky. Also it presents the combination of the colour of new make, whisky and sherry wine. Underscored on the tin capsule is a double silver line, symbolising the Central Mountain and Snow Mountain ranges surrounding Kavalan Distillery.


The new Kavalan Triple Sherry Cask will be making its way to shelves in Japan, Singapore and China in the coming month.


Source: Kavalan

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