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Pizza House – Where Delicious Pizza Meets Fun and Community

Pizza House is a unique restaurant that has quickly become a favourite for pizza lovers in the local neighbourhood community. Founded in 2017, the restaurant is a local brand under the umbrella of JJ International Venture Sdn Bhd. Serving fresh, premium quality, and tasty handmade pizza with a local touch, the restaurant is committed to offering its customers a refreshing and enjoyable experience. 

One of the standout qualities at Pizza House is the dedication to making its pizza dough fresh daily, with three types of crusts available, including Classic, Thin & Crunchy, and PH crust. The PH crust is particularly popular with sportsmen who are looking for fewer carbohydrates and higher protein content. Additionally, the restaurant offers a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) program that is ideal for kids’ birthday parties, which allows them to create their own handmade pizza and have fun while doing it.

For those who are always on the go, Pizza House offers frozen pizza dough and crusts that allow pizza enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite food whenever and wherever they need it. The crusts are available in all three of their speciality types, ensuring that customers have a range of options to choose from when creating their pizza.

Apart from its delicious pizza, Pizza House is also an ideal venue for celebrations and events. For these, the restaurant customises its menu using the Creative Pizza as the main course, which incorporates famous local and Southeast Asian dishes to create something novel and yet familiar.

At Pizza House, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone. From a cosy environment for businessmen and professionals to discuss their ideas over meals, to a nutritious haven for athletes to gather after a strenuous workout, Pizza House is a restaurant that caters to all kinds.

Overall, Pizza House is committed to providing a quality dining experience to its customers, where they can connect, communicate, collaborate, share their love, show gratitude, and celebrate their happiness. The restaurant’s vision is to be the No. 1 choice for pizza lovers, and its mission is to serve the finest local pizza and delicious food at competitive prices while just being an all-around great place to be. With its unique menu, welcoming environment, and commitment to quality, Pizza House is definitely a restaurant worth visiting.

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