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Fine dining restaurants are higher end and fancier restaurants that serve food that has been meticulously prepared and is served course by course. Fine dining restaurants in Malaysia serve high-end delectable cuisines with exceptional service and a good ambience. Here, Asean Food & Travel shares its pick of the most inspiring fine dining restaurants that have been visited by many Malaysians and foreigners. These restaurants have exquisite dining atmospheres and intricately prepared cuisines for every meal course.  


Thirty8 Restaurant

Olivier Lenoir

Savour a wide selection of international fare, sweet temptations, champagnes and wines, also best-selling cocktails at THIRTY8, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. Led by General Manager, Olivier Lenoir and located strategically on the 38th floor, the quadruple volume space of THIRTY8 is the defining element of the restaurant. The space comprises of a stunning 360-degree city view including the dining areas, a bar and a lounge. It is the collection of elegant curves, captivating views, dramatic sense of space and vibrant cuisines, that makes THIRTY8 the signature restaurant of the hotel ideal for entertaining business associates, for group dining or 360-degree concept private events and for social gatherings. Heightening the discerning diners’ experience are the lively show kitchens at the dining areas, offering interactive and live preparations of food orders. THIRTY8 Lounge, a cosy sitting area with a stunning backdrop of Kuala Lumpur city is perfect for lounging over an afternoon tea with astounding views to be taken in at the same time. Also stylish and elegantly built, THIRTY8 Bar creates a welcoming ambience along with its warm interior and mood lighting ideal for networking. It was designed as an integral part of the restaurant but also freestanding in both appearance and concept.


Enfin by James Won

James Won

The décor at Enfin could be described as opulent yet relaxing while the tableware are bold and vibrant yet classy. An expansive yet exquisite garden and exclusive private dining rooms are also found at Enfin, a fine dining restaurant founded by James Won. Diners could enjoy refreshing aperitif and quirky yet delectable canapés while listening to dazzling live Jazz music to the unplugged one voice, one instrument nights. Enfin also serves an esoteric selection of wine, single malt whisky and glorious line-up of Krug Champagnes. The restaurant also prepares wholesome artisan bread and a whole array of innovative award-winning French cuisine with a collective of Malaysian ingredients and decadent desserts.


Kartik Kumar

Nadodi is the brainchild of three individuals with close ties to South India. Chef de cuisine, Sricharan Venkatesh, Head of Beverage Programme, Akshar Chalwadi and Brand Director, Kartik Kumar, work closely together to conceptualise new menu and drink ideas for the progressive South Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Nadodi takes diners on a journey through distinctive regions of the Indian subcontinent, namely Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka. Founded In 2017, the restaurant is aptly named Nadodi, which translates to ‘’Nomad’’ or ‘’Wanderer’’ in Tamil and Malayalam. Nadodi draws inspiration from the comforting, unique flavours and ingredients that South Indians who have settled in the Malay Peninsula and Singapore, have contributed to the region’s culinary diversity. Being nomads themselves in the nascent years of their culinary careers, Nadodi’s founding team expertly navigates this rich culinary trail, describing their journeys across the globe by combining modern techniques with age-old spice blends and recipes to create an engaging and sensorial dining experience that resonates with the global diner. Nadodi seeks to showcase this distinct culinary culture to guests, allowing for an immersive experience that showcases the true meaning of nomadic cuisine.


DC by Darren Chin

Darren Chin

DC restaurant is located along Persiaran Zaaba TTDI, Kuala Lumpur – an urban township, housed in a 3-storey building built in the 1970s. Each floor houses a different experience, inspired by the same spirit of innovation. Le Comptoir, literally “the counter” operates as a pre-dinner cocktail area where guests can enjoy well-crafted cocktails by its mixologist Sebastian Jeremy Edely whom encompasses his take on light bodied cocktails to entice the palate preceding to “La Salle” for a gastronomic dinner experience. Guests can also choose to enjoy their meal at Le comptoir for a more private and intimate space.


Fuego at Troika Sky Dining

Troika Sky Dining nestles atop the iconic Norman Foster building “The Troika” with views over the KLCC Park and the Kuala Lumpur skyline. Named after the Spanish word for ‘fire’, Fuego’s cuisine is focused on South American flavours. The fine dining restaurants serve dishes such as smoked snails in a jar, grilled watermelon with fried haloumi, smoked quail eggs, and salted cod croquettes. The smoking technique is frequently used at Fuego and its manager, Rick Joore acknowledges Fuego’s bias towards flamed, grilled and smoked tones. For the main dishes, large slabs of grilled beef cuts or chicken are thrown onto wooden boards next to miniature jars of sauces. Diners with sweet tooth would be delighted to try its churros with salted caramel espuma on the menu.


Café Café

Café Café was borne out of the passion of two friends who wished to bring home a dining experience inspired by their overseas travels and years of staying abroad. Touched by the sights, sounds and experience in Paris, the gentlemen realised that there was no one specific hip space or neighbourhood in the City of Light — each area has its own attraction. They returned to Malaysia and opened Café Café in 2002, away from the bustling dining crowd, commencing a new chapter in Kuala Lumpur’s rich dining history. The restaurant presented a soupçon of classic authentic French gastronomic pleasure.


Marble 8

With its duo venues, Marble 8 brings new depth and elegance to their premium steakhouse and elegant privé. This has allowed Marble 8 to reimagine the dining and drinking experience in Malaysia – infusing exquisite flavours with authentic creations, accented with luxurious charm. Envisaged as the pinnacle of steakhouse dining with its own signature Marble 8 Cuts,  this part of the journey will redefine your understanding and appreciation of dry-aged beef, all against the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur’s most desirable skyline, that of the majestic Twin Towers soaring into the sky. Indulge in the finest selection of whiskey and cigars amidst the trappings of old world charms in its privé. Marble 8 is irresistible luxury with perfectly crafted offerings, best in class service and alluring ambiance. Marble 8 consists of its restaurant which specialises in carefully selected cuts known as Marble 8 Cuts, which are dry-aged in our modern, bespoke walk-in dry-age cellar; and a Privé that oozes class and elegance, offering a sanctuary in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


Mandarin Grill

While enjoying stunning views of the lush KLCC Park, Mandarin Grill presents modern interpretations of alluring Italian and traditional Grill flavours. Esteemed Chef Luigi Stinga is an Italian native and passionate about sourcing only the finest seasonal produce for his menus. The elegant décor is inspired by the foliage of the adjacent park and guests could enjoy picturesque views through floor to ceiling windows from every table. Wine afficionados can explore the extensive selection of premium wines to complete their dining experience.


Babe by Jeff Ramsey

Babe is an amalgamation of Jeff Ramsey’s artful finesse for progressive modernist cuisine and the Clearwater Xperience’s signature boutique sophistication (the purveyors of original concept eateries such as Ploy and Way Modern Chinois). Serving Japanese-accented tapas, or “Japas” as Ramsey has coined, Babe will be focused on a unique ‘fun dining’ experience as opposed to the structured world of ‘fine dining’. The menu at Babe offers an exquisite mix of flavours, textures, and temperatures, promising an unparalleled multi-sensory dining experience. True to the tapas concept, the “Japas” menu at Babe is sharing-style, believing that social interaction enhances the overall dining pleasure. Babe’s menu reflects the temperate seasons of Japan, paying homage to the source of ingredients and setting a foundation for its approach to cooking.


Lafite, Shangri-la

Lafite offers gastronomic French dining with a twist, matched with excellent wines and impeccable service. At this elegant, romantic restaurant, the best seasonal produce from Europe is showcased with its flavours expressed in exciting new ways. Lafite is closed for dining. However, the venue is available for private events upon request. Lafite serves decadent French delicacies and excellent collection of wines accompanied by its exquisite fine-dining ambience with warm lighting, modern furnishing, tranquil garden views, and soft instrumental music playing in the background.

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