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Top Three Desserts Every Visitor Should Try in Manila

Manila is a vibrant city that is full of contrasts. With its unique history and interesting tourist attractions, it has long attracted a steady stream of local and foreign visitors.

They are impressed with what Manila has to offer. Flavoursome Filipino meals and desserts are also on their list.

Top three desserts that every visitor should try out during their stay are:



Beat the summer heat with a traditional Filipino Halo-Halo. This shaved ice dessert that consists of various sweet treats can be found anywhere in the Philippines. The mixture of tasty ingredients in the Halo-Halo will make you yearn for more. It’s a combination of crushed ice, nata de coco, beans, sago pearls, jelly, sweetened saba banana, sweet potato, coconut, ube (purple yam) jam, evaporated milk, leche flan, ube ice cream, jackfruit, and fried pinipig (flattened immature rice grains).

Photo Credit: Foxy Folksy



A Turon is both crunchy and chewy. Apart from being a popular dessert, it is most commonly consumed during snack time which the Filipinos refer to as a merienda. With a caramelized crispy wrapper and filling of soft, sweet bananas and jackfruit strips, these Filipino spring rolls are sweet, crunchy and seriously addictive!

Photo Credit: Urban Bliss Life


Buko Pandan

This dessert is simple, but very delicious and well-known. With only five ingredients, consisting of shredded young coconut, pandan leaves, gelatin, cream and condensed milk, Filipinos have managed to make a tropically perfect treat. The result is a creamy, aromatic dessert, especially delicious when served cold on a hot day.

Photo Credit: Panlasang Pinoy

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