The Boraombak Story

Boraombak was founded in 2002 by Zulkeflee Katimin and Nik Zaiton Nik Abdullah, a husband and wife team who are both practising interior consultants in Kuala Lumpur. Their journey in the F&B industry started in 1998 when they ventured into helping a friend who was in trouble with his ongoing restaurant business. Business was good, and they decided to open a second outlet named Bora Bora Restaurant, which was a lifestyle urban concept restaurant serving gourmet coffee products and local & western food, the first of its kind then, to a different set of clientele in the bustling Ampang area.

Their success didn’t stop there. By the end of their tenancy, they had a huge customer base, and the husband and wife team saw bigger opportunities in merging event facilities and F&B together. They needed a bigger space, and they acquired a new area of 40,000 square feet in the heart of Ampang. Boraombak was born based on these needs. As a frequent traveller to Bali, Zulkeflee was inspired by the island and decided to build a themed restaurant dedicating his love to Nik Zaiton. He poured his heart and soul into the making of Boraombak, an award-winning romantic Balinese garden-themed restaurant that became the most talked-about restaurant of its kind in Malaysia.

Their formula worked well, and by the second year of operation, they opened another outlet named Bora Asmara located in Sungai Pencala Damansara, which was also an award-winning restaurant and operated for ten years until the end of its tenure. After twelve successful years, Boraombak Ampang had to close its curtains after its land lease had ended.

Now, a new chapter has begun with the brand new Boraombak emerging in the heart of Putrajaya. A new team of aggressive and creative young entrepreneurs are now helming the business, all of whom are the children of Zulkeflee and Nik Zaiton, namely Afrizal, Anura, Edora, and Azrai. With Marina Putrajaya as their new business venture partner, Boraombak sees greater opportunities and potential in servicing local customers and tourists in Putrajaya and its vicinity.

Boraombak Now

Boraombak Marina Putrajaya is a premier destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience in a unique and stylish environment. The company’s focus is on providing superb dining, unique design, and impeccable personalized service to its customers.

The crown jewel of Boraombak Marina Putrajaya is its designer 1000-seat ballroom, which is perfect for hosting grand events and creating unforgettable memories. The ballroom is complemented by a 300-seats glass suite, which offers a more intimate and exclusive setting for smaller gatherings.

In addition to its event spaces, Boraombak Marina Putrajaya also features a themed restaurant called Indus Putrajaya. Indus Putrajaya is a family-friendly cafe that features a stunning sunset glass house event space and a private garden known as Bloo Door. All of these outlets are located on the waterfront, offering breathtaking views of the lake and the best sunset settings in Putrajaya.

Boraombak Marina Putrajaya hosts a variety of events, from parties to exciting gatherings, and small private and mega weddings. The company’s attention to detail and commitment to personalized service ensures that every event is memorable and unique.

Overall, Boraombak Marina Putrajaya is an exceptional company that combines beautiful design, exceptional service, and exquisite dining to create a truly unforgettable experience for its customer.

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