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Anne Elizabeth: A Deli Par Excellence

Anne Elizabeth is a deli-restaurant run by the husband and wife team of Jacob and Sandra. Well-known in Cheras and thereabouts as the place to be for the discerning carnivore, Anne Elizabeth is home to culinary delights that simply need to be experienced. The unassuming exterior with its simple black and white signboard punctuates the street corner on which it lies. Upon entry, a similarly minimalist café style décor greets the diner and straight away it’s the chiller where all the good stuff is kept that arrests the attention. Sausages, pork, beef, lamb, and salmon are all visible in a variety of cuts and guises. Behind the counter hangs a chalkboard with your options for sides and soup scrawled upon it.

The pork dishes here are star attractions. The smoked back bacon is tender and flavourful, as is the pork belly. A warm bacon salad provides a refreshing break from such savoury flavours should you need it and is in fact not your only option in that regard. Anne Elizabeth isn’t just for the carnivores, they also boast an extensive salad menu with creative options such as a blackberry-focused offering and a visually striking passionfruit and parmesan salad.

The service is faultless, with the staff members polite, discreet, and attentive. Jacob, who takes on chef duties at the restaurant, believes that the service is just as important as the food itself and certainly the two go hand in hand to provide the wonderful dining experience you find here.

It isn’t just about the pork at Anne Elizabeth, the beef is another highlight with a variety of premium cuts on offer imported from the US and Australia. Black Angus hanger steak, Wagyu picanha, ribeye, and flap steak are just some of the delectable cuts you can expect to find here. They’re flush with sausage options too, with a formidable list including Mild Cheese Bratwurst, Spicy Italian, Longaniza, Chorizo, White German, Paprika, Thuringer, Pork Cheese, Farmer Bratwurst, Hungarian, English Chilli, Oxford Banger, Beer Bratwurst, and Cajun Spiral.

The sides here are not to be missed either. A mouthwatering favourite is the Jacket Potato, a huge baked US Russett potato topped with sour cream, bacon bits, parmesan cheese, and spring onions. A side in name only, you’ll want to share this in all actuality as the portion really is quite significant and you’ll surely want to save some room for all the other tantalising dishes on offer. The Portobello Mushroom is another must-have and just looking at it will give you that impression. A whole grilled Portobello stuffed with bacon and covered in melted cheese cascading down the sides, it’s deliciously juicy with just a slight hint of earthiness to round things out.

Feeling satiated and bordering on a food coma after having tried a bit of everything? Don’t be so hasty to call an end to your experience just yet, stay and cleanse your palate with their sinfully tempting Banana Crème Brulee. Topped with finely sliced pieces of ripe banana, the top is torched to a crisp and caramelised perfection, giving way to a sweet and luscious custard centre that’ll satisfy the desires of any sweet tooth. All in all, Anne Elizabeth has a little bit of something for everyone and you’ll come away feeling like the inevitable battle for a parking spot was most definitely worth it and more.

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