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Pickle & Fig Café – A Cosy Neighbourhood Joint that Offers Fresh and Healthy Eats

If you’re looking for a laid-back café that serves fresh and healthy meals, look no further than Pickle & Fig. Founded in 2012 in TTDI and recently relocated to Eco Ardence, this multi-award winning café is all about Eating Fresh and Eating Healthy. Its current owner, Mr Aries, who is also the head chef, takes pride in making everything from scratch using fresh ingredients and no pre-processed ingredients or food enhancers.

Pickle & Fig is not your typical café, as it boasts over 30 different sauces made using its own recipes, which are used in all of its offerings, from sandwich sauces to pasta sauces to poke bowls. What sets it apart is its Garlic Beer Sauce, which has become a customer favourite. If you’re a first-timer, you might be surprised to learn that this sauce is served with their signature grills, such as Beer-dripped Pork Belly and Porky Burger.


Speaking of signature dishes, their award-winning Philly Cheese Pork sandwich, which features diced and lightly grilled Beer-dripped pork, has been hailed as one of the Best Sandwiches in Asia by Big Travel 7. It’s no surprise that this dish has become a customer favourite.

According to Aries, innovation is the key to Pickle & Fig’s success. The café continuously strives to create new Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy recipes that provide a tantalising experience to your taste buds. As part of its growth strategy, Pickle & Fig is actively looking for suitable partnerships and joint-ventures that are aligned with its philosophy to bring the brand to greater heights. Its initial focus is on extending outreach to the Northern and Southern Regions of Malaysia.

If you’re looking for a café that offers fresh and healthy eats, Pickle & Fig is the place to be. Its tagline, “Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy,” says it all.

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