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Omega Pork Noodles: Enjoy a Hearty Bowl of the Finest Around

Introducing Omega Pork Noodles

Omega Pork Noodles was established in June 2020. The company operates mainly in the food service industry, producing and serving authentic Malaysian noodles, snacks, and beverages in its outlets. It uses only quality and healthy ingredients so that customers can enjoy every meal in a cosy dining environment under a fast & efficient service line.

What’s good?

Pork noodles are their star product. Served in a variety of soup options or a dried sauce, with various condiments such as minced pork patty, meat slices, pork liver, intestines, pork meatballs, eggs, extra size crispy lard, cabbage and spring onions, each bowl is a treat for the senses.

They recommend you drink the soup first every time you consume Omega Pork Noodles. This allows you to have a sip of the hot and delicious soup at its very best. After drinking the soup, you’ll feel a warmth in your stomach and immediately find your appetite raised to its fullest.

The meat patty, being their speciality, is a practice inherited from Penang’s olden days where the fresh pork is minced and pressed firmly into shape. With all their fine ingredients put together along with the best quality meat, Omega Pork Noodles are sure to have your mouth watering at first and your appetite fully sated after.


Another exclusivity is the Nanyang White Curry Noodle. It’s made with specially-tuned spices and a white curry soup base. The soup mainly consists of coconut milk, served with special sambal chilli and various condiments to enhance the uniqueness of the curry noodles. They recommend you stir the sambal chilli into the soup base until it is mixed evenly to bring out the taste of the curry. Then enjoy the noodles with some white fish balls, Fuzuk, Taufu Pok, long beans, bean sprouts and not to forget, the all-important prawns.

They cater to the different preferences of their valued customers. A wide selection of noodles has been introduced and options include Yellow Noodles, Mee Hoon, Kuey Teow, Short Laksa, Rice Vermicelli, Yee Mee, Springy Noodle, and Mian Xian. Customization of the noodles and condiments can be arranged during ordering as they do their best to prepare a bowl of pork noodles that meets everyone’s satisfaction.

In addition, there are a host of add-on side dishes available with a varied selection including Pok Pok Cui, Fried Rolls, Fuzuk Rolls, chicken rolls, spring rolls, fish skin, dumplings, handmade fish balls, fish cakes, pickled radish, pickled bitter gourd, blanch broccoli, ladyfingers and many more. Their self-service drinks bar offers a selection of soft drinks, hot and cold drinks, and a tea jug which are all refillable.

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