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Never judge a book by its cover and never assume all pubs serve the standard fare should be the new saying of this century. H&T Gastropub’s impressive menu exemplifies this. H&T Gastropub is a place where good conversation is accompanied by cold beer, a game of darts and of course,
A perfect spot for a romantic getaway is a place where couples could enjoy spending time together and this would include places with fun activities and romantic atmospheres. In this Issue, AFT shares its list of the world’s top 10 romantic places for a vacation and this includes beautiful beaches
The breathtaking, sophisticated famous beach resort, Seminyak is a popular tourist attraction especially for expatriates. Located at the north of Kuta and Legian and 10 km from Denpasar, Indonesia, this beautiful beach resort is home to many clubs, restaurants, fashion stores, beach bars such as Ku De Ta, cafes, boutiques
Wine have come a long way since it was first discovered in ancient Mesopotamia (6000 B.C). It is a brew relished from the time Jesus Christ turned water into wine to the fall of the Roman Empire and all the way until today. In fact, wine is valued so much
The beauty of a city may be defined by many things among which are architecture, cultural diversity, history, landscape, food, peace and tranquility, and so forth. However, colours are just as important an element in the showcasing of the exceptional beauty of a city. Colourful cities exude a vibrancy that


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