Chef Extraordinaire Cooking Up a Storm

Dato’ Zamzani Abdul Wahab, popularly known as Chef Zam, hails from Kuala Terengganu where he began honing his culinary skills at the tender age of 7 under his mother’s watchful tutelage. Earning a Chef Training Diploma from Universiti Teknologi Mara in 1993 and working as a chef in various hotels before travelling to the United States to study at Johnson and Wales University, he then earned an Associate of Science in Hotel-Restaurant Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel-Restaurant/Institutional Management. After graduating, he worked as a chef in New York City for three years before returning to Malaysia and joining KDU College in 1998, where he worked for over 12 years.

Dato’ Zamzani held a number of positions at KDU College, including Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Head of Special Projects. During his tenure, he was responsible for organising and conducting many culinary-related events with his students. Dato’ Zamzani has also appeared on several television shows, including Garam Gula, Citarasa Selebriti and Sajian Ramadhan 2008, among others. He is well-known in Malaysia as a Celebrity Chef and has served as a Brand Ambassador for several major brands, including Philips Malaysia, Heinz ABC and Harvey Norman.

Dato’ Zamzani is passionate about food and always strives to improve the content of his TV shows. To achieve this, he began producing his own TV cookery shows for local TV stations such as RTM and TVOkey. He has successfully produced six cooking series, two telemovies, and counting.

Through his work as a chef, lecturer, and television personality, Dato’ Zamzani has inspired many young chefs and food enthusiasts. His dedication to promoting Malaysian cuisine and his own unique cooking style has helped elevate the country’s culinary reputation both domestically and internationally. Today, Dato’ Zamzani continues to work on various projects, including collaborations with well-known brands and the production of his own TV shows, as he seeks to further promote the art of cooking and the joys of Malaysian cuisine to the world.


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